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Hillary Running Out Of Money

Hillary Clinton's campaign is running out money. Yesterday it was revealed that she has just "loaned" her campaign $5M and that senior staff members have "volunteered" to go without a salary this month.

Clinton: "I loaned the campaign $5 million from my money. That’s where I got the money. I loaned it because I believe very strongly in this campaign. We had a great month fundraising in January, broke all records, but my opponent was able to raise more money. And we intended to be competitive, and we were. And I think the results last night proved the wisdom of my investment."

Pam Spaulding isn't buying it: "I always wonder why politicians even bother with BS like this; it only adds to the impression we have that they think we're stupid. You wouldn't need to loan your campaign any cash unless you're cash-strapped. Sound familiar? Rudy Giuliani dealt just as poorly with this scenario in the waning days of his campaign, declaring the staff pay cuts were voluntary and they were showing their loyalty and belief in the former NY mayor's campaign. We know how that ended up. Can't they just be straight up with folks?"

From TMP Election Central: "The revelation suggests another emerging dynamic in the race: Now that the campaigns are committed to grinding it out for weeks and weeks, perhaps all the way until the convention. The Hillary camp faces the prospect of being dramatically outspent by the Obama campaign, which has enjoyed huge fundraising success. In January, for instance, Obama raised $32 million -- well over double the $13.5 million Hillary raised in the same month. This perhaps explains the self-financing loan at the end of last month."

Do the Clintons have enough personal wealth to keep up with Obama's seemingly bottomless internet ATM?

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