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HomoQuotable - Bob Mould

"I have a very small life now. Literally, this street, down ten blocks, then two streets each way, it's a box, and that's my whole life. Inside this box, I'm comfortable and safe. I have a room I work in at home that's a special place to me. But the rest of D.C. is weird, because both the military and the government are based here -- aggression and deception. And it takes a certain kind of person to move here to work in the industries of aggression and deception.

"The best is when I go to some upscale bar and guys come up to me and ask what I do -- to me, this is the "district line" in D.C., always the first question. So I say I'm a musician, and they say, "Oh, can you make a living at that?" and walk away. If they only knew the things I've done and will continue to do. So my life is really simple inside of a very complex, bizarre place." - Bob Mould, talking to Spin Magazine about his life in DC and explaining the title of District Line, his new album, due out tomorrow. You can stream the tracks of District Line on Mould's MySpace page.

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