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SB777 Battles Continue

WingNutDaily is claiming that 10% of California's public school students may be leaving for private and home schooling due to the state's anti-bullying bill, SB777.
Only months after a new state law effectively banned "mom" and "dad" from California schools [JMG: It doesn't.], a total of 600,000 students could follow because of what has been described as the "repudiation" of 2,000 years of Christian morality, according to leaders of a new campaign assembling education alternatives.

The campaign is called California Exodus, and is being headed by Ron Gleason, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Yorba Linda, who said while the country excels in social, economic, scientific and political accomplishments, it "gets low grades on the education of its children."

The issue is the state legislature's adoption of Senate Bill 777, which requires only positive portrayals of homosexual, bisexual, transgender and other alternative lifestyle choices.

"First, the law allowed public schools to voluntarily promote homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality. Then, the law required public schools to accept homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual teachers as role models for impressionable children. Now, the law has been changed to effectively require the positive portrayal of homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexuality to six million children in California government-controlled schools," said Randy Thomasson, chief of the Campaign for Children and Families and one of those who originally called for an abandonment of public schools.

"To rescue their children, loving parents need to find an alternative to government schools, and every church needs to make it a priority to help parents be in charge of their children's education again," he said.

He has condemned public school districts as "no longer a safe emotional environment for children" under the new law, signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, that will introduce children as young as kindergarten to the homosexuality and other alternative lifestyle choices.
Blah, blah, blah. And of course, over on Free Republic this story is being linked to photos from the Folsom Street Fair. Because SB777 not only bans "mom" and "dad", it requires a fisting & flogging slideshow for 3rd graders. That 600,000 figure is completely imaginary, but I fully support any Jeebus-folk in pulling their spawn from public school.

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