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Blowoff Photo Recap

Let's just say that this weekend's Blowoff was out of control, off the hook, off the chain, or whatever the kids are saying these days. The venue was behind schedule in turning the room over to Mould & Morel, so by midnight the line stretched from Western Beef all the way back to Ninth Avenue. But once everybody was inside, the place just erupted into the kind of wildness I haven't seen in a gay club in ages. And that was just MY friends. Most of my photos reveal too much sloshy sloppiness to be used here. For you Levenophiles, that's Eric in the middle. The next NYC Blowoff is Pride Saturday. Watch out. EDIT: By request, I've replaced the wildest shot of the evening with a couple of more reserved photos of handsome hairy men. You'll live. The top two pics are by Dr. Jeff.

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