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PFLAG: Sally Kern Is A Liar

And they have the tape to prove it. Remember when we got all misty-eyed when PFLAG met with Sally Kern and reported that she told them that gay folks shouldn't be fired for being gay? And then she denied having said it?
On Wednesday, Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays will be releasing an audio recording of a March 27th meeting that took place between Oklahoma House Rep. Sally Kern and a group of Oklahoman PFLAG parents. PFLAG has confirmed with PageOneQ that the recording, which was made with Kern's consent, will contradict her account of the discussion.

The meeting was arranged in the wake of Rep. Kern's controversial remarks about gays and lesbians at what she thought would be an off-the-record meeting exclusively for her supporters. Afterwards, the organization's national office released statements that indicated the lawmaker believed no one should be fired for being gay or lesbian. Additionally, said PFLAG, Kern agreed to consider another meeting with PFLAG parents in her district. Following the accounts of the meetings, Kern denied two things: stating that she would mull another meeting, and saying that gay and lesbian workers should not be fired.

"Representative Kern launched a personal attack on the credibility of Oklahoma's PFLAG families," said PFLAG Director of Communications Steve Ralls. "Yet the audio recording of her meeting with our Oklahoma City supporters tells, quite clearly, the real story of what she said.

"The evidence – in Kern's own words – leaves nothing in doubt," Ralls added. "It's another classic Kern moment caught on tape, and an undeniable validation of PFLAG's report from our families' sit-down with Sally."
PFLAG will release the entire 40-minute audio of the tape so that Kern cannot claim her remarks were edited. Another good Christian bearing false witness. Anybody shocked?

UPDATE: Here's part one of the audio. Get the rest here.

(Via - PageOneQ)

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