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A New Talking Point

Regarding this story from Fox News...
As gay couples celebrate their newfound right to marry in California and opposition groups rally to fight the ruling, many struggle with this question: Is homosexuality natural? On this issue, Nature has spoken: Same-sex lovin' is common in hundreds of species, scientists say.
The Freepers respond:

- "Dogs eat feces but it’s not something to be emulated."
-"Eating your own young is common in the wild too. Expect the California Supreme Court to legalize it next."
- "They also mount animals of other species. Bestiality should be legalized as “normal” too?"

The prevalence of homosexual behavior among animals is an ooooold story, Fox. Why bring it up now? Wait, I know. It's so the Freepers of the world have a new talking point: "OK, maybe it is natural. But natural isn't always RIGHT!"

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