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"Hillary Now" Gets Protest Permit For DNC

Longtime South Florida AIDS and LGBT activist Bob Kunst, the founder of angry Clinton supporter group Hillary Now, has announced that his group has obtained a permit to protest Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Hillary Now plans to urge attendees to support John McCain. The permit notes that 100 members of Hillary Now will be allowed onto the "designated parade route." Parade? There's a parade?

Kunst has been a political gadfly in South Florida for as long as I can remember. He founded the anti-Falwell group Oral Majority and in 1982 ran for governor against Democrat Bob Graham because of the governor's policy of spraying poison on marijuana fields, getting 75,000 votes. Four years later he ran against Graham for the U.S. Senate, getting 150,000 votes.

This latest move is a disappointment, but nothing Bob Kunst does anymore surprises me. Back in the day in Florida, he was kind of my hero.

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