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Morning View - Chinese Consulate

Protests continue daily at the Chinese Consulate on the West Side Highway at 42th Street, where at night the Free Tibet crowd has been projecting a giant Tibetan flag and other images onto the bare face of the building. After the protesters posted a video of their projection of the Olympic rings turning into handcuffs, the International Olympic Committee lodged a protest to YouTube and the video was pulled. You can still see the clip on Vimeo. I don't know where the law stands on projecting unwanted images onto somebody's building, but I imagine it's not kosher.

I took this pic from Pier 84, where tonight their Sunset Thursdays event continues. I haven't been yet, but they bill it as an "Ibiza-style" party with DJs playing Balearic-ish trance music. Bottles of Grey Goose are only $150, which is totally, like, 75% off Meatpacking District prices! Free to get in and Free Tibet.

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