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Enquirer: Palin Cheated With Her Husband's Business Partner

From the Enquirer:
No less than three members of the man’s family including one by sworn affidavit have claimed that Sarah Palin engaged in an extramarital affair with hus­band Todd’s former business partner, Brad Hanson. These sources have named Hanson as Palin’s secret love, and say their affair nearly wrecked both their marriages.

Hanson owned a snowmobile dealership with Palin’s husband Todd, who immediately dissolved the partnership after he heard stories about the affair, which occurred around 1996, according to the sources. At the time, Palin was mayor of Wasilla.

Palin has vehemently de­nied cheating on her hus­band, and Hanson insisted to The NATIONAL ENQUIRER that he was never romantically in­volved with the 44-year-old Republican vice presiden­tial candidate.
The Enquirer says that one of their sources has passed a lie detector test, but as Gawker notes, he's an ex-con, so there's that. And yes, it WOULD be nice to confront Palin on the actual issues and her positions, but since THEY WON'T LET HER TALK, this junk is all we've got.

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