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From The Hallmark Boycott Petition

How about some commentary on the Hallmark boycott from the lovely folks at the American Family Association? Here's a sampling of what their members are telling Hallmark on their petition about the company's line of gay marriage greeting cards:

- "Gay marriage is wrong, against God's standards. You cannot mock God without feeling the consequences."
-"This is not in the Bible and it is against the things of God."
-"It's a sad day when the BEST greeting card company bows to this degenerate lifestyle!"
-"Please take heed to our plea...and let's stop the judgment of God on our nation."
-"I am very disappointed that you are supporting something that contradicts the natural design of families and our bodies."
-"You are causing far more destruction than you realize."
-"When I take my child into a greeting card store and there are homo cards on display there for my child to see is where I draw the line - that is shoving it in my face."
-"Hallmark is pandering because you probably have a lot of gay artist-poets and people in management who are DESPERATE to normalize their perversion."

All this over a boring three card line that show nothing more graphic than two cartoon tuxedos.

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