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"Own It, Work It, Grab An Ankle".... said our waiter as he took this picture after our big homo-family Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. We were the last party to leave the dining room and I guess he finally felt safe to come out to us, although we'd instantly pegged him when we were seated.

It was another wonderful holiday meal, our third consecutive year at this restaurant, made all the better as SuperDaddy had procured us a round table for the first time, making cross-table chatter much easier. Speaking of which, when the topic turned to "Famous People I Have Done", we were all blown away by the story of one of our group who'd very recently hooked up with an iconic TV star of the late 50's. Demands of proof were made and let's just say we were all convinced. (And it sure turned my measly story about hooking up with a mid-90's reality show character into a big "meh.")

The only downside of the evening was the keenly-felt absence of our beloved Farmboyz, who were packing up their just-sold Connecticut home. We toasted the Farmboyz with our first round, then I called my mom and passed the phone around the table so all my boys could say "Hello." It made her feel good to know I was spending the holiday in such wonderful company.

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