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Anti-Gay NY Times Ad To Protest Gay "Campaign Of Violence"

A source advises us that the Beckett Fund will be taking out a full-page New York Times ad in the next few days to decry the gay community's "campaign of violence" since the Prop 8 vote. According to the source, the Beckett fund is presently looking for other major religious activism groups to sign on to their ad, which will cite incidents such as disruption of church services and the sending of suspicious white powder to Mormon and Catholic groups.

Wikipedia describes the Beckett Fund:
The Becket Fund's stated philosophy of religious liberty is that "Freedom of religion is a basic human right that no government may lawfully deny; it is not a gift of the state, but instead is rooted in the inherent dignity of the human person. Religious expression (of all traditions) is a natural part of life in civilized society, and religious arguments (on all sides of a question) are a normal and healthy element of public debate. Religious people and institutions are entitled to participate in government affairs on an equal basis with everyone else, and should not be excluded for professing their faith."
I'd imagine the Beckett Fund ad may also include Christine "They Beat Me With My Own Bible" Cloud and the Styrofoam Cross Lady. Both of those of those stories are admittedly bad PR for the gay community, but they are petty NOTHING incidents compared to the thousands of violent attacks committed every year against LGBT people, many (if not most) of which were fostered by the Christianist right. "Yes, I kicked his ass, but the Bible told me to do it." Once again, the religious right is playing the victimized martyr when it is they who are the aggressors.

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