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Box Turtle Bulletin Forces Illinois Family Institute To Recant Hate Crimes Claim

One of the most repulsive campaigns currently being spread by the right-wing is that the hate crimes act currently before the U.S. Senate protects a massive list of criminal sexual activities including bestiality and pedophilia. A list of 547 sexual paraphilias has been spouted by every wingnut group out there and was heavily quoted by GOP Congressmen during the U.S. House debate.

Yesterday Box Turtle Bulletin forced the Illinois Family Institute to issue this retraction:
In the article entitled “Hate Crimes Bill Moves to Senate” (5/5/09), we mistakenly stated that the American Psychiatric Association’s actual definition of “sexual orientation” includes paraphilias. The APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) classifies “sexual orientation” as heterosexual, homosexual, and bi-sexual. The 547 mental disorders called “paraphilias” specifically involve non-human objects, physical pain, or unwilling partners as in pedophilia. IFI apologizes for the error.
More excellent digital activism from gay bloggers. Congrats to BTB's Jim Burroway and Timothy Kincaid. Now let's see if any of the other anti-gay groups take note. World Net Daily continues to run headlines about the "Pedophile Protection Act."

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