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Good As You Busts Lying New Hampshire Marriage Poll

Last week the Cornerstone Research Policy claimed to have surveyed every single household in New Hampshire and found that 65% of the state's residents oppose same-sex marriage, a claim immediately adopted by Focus On The Family. Jeremy Hooper at Good As You found that claim extremely fishy and hounded the groups for the statistical backup. Yesterday FOF admitted to him that the story was FALSE. See their letter admitting such on Good As You. Jeremy exults:

So there you have it: An admission that CornerStone Policy Research, New Hampshire's leading anti-marriage group (with ties to NOM) is running a false claim. A claim they are still running on their website and that they have fed to local media outlets, without making note of any margin of error/unreported households. Gary is telling us that he has personnally confirmed it to be faulty! So let's see: That means CPR has both linked to a SPLC-certified hate group and run a deliberately false set of polling data, while our side has simply stated our deserved desire to have our loving monogamy as legally recognized as our heterosexual peers. Tough choice, huh Governor Lynch?

FOF tells him they plan to broadcast a "corrected story" today. Excellent job, Jeremy!

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