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Religious Right Escalates Lies In Face Of Possible Passage Of Hate Crimes Act

"30% off jail time for assaulting Grandma or other non-homosexuals." So says the above "coupon for criminals" posted on rabid hater Janet Porter's new site, Faith 2 Action.
When combined with existing law, this bill could have a very chilling effect on free speech. A pastor could be charged with inciting a hate crime for the content of his sermon. An individual could be charged with one for simply resisting the actions or advances of a homosexual or lesbian. Call your two U.S. Senators toll free at 877-851-6437 to vote against H.R. 1913. If that number doesn't work, you can use the regular toll switchboard number 202-224-3121. Please also make some calls to the local offices of your Senators and send him or her some e-mails.
Do like Janet Porter says, call your Senators today. And go to Michael Signorile's post to listen to a clip of Porter's radio show in which "Andrea Lafferty -- daughter of Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition -- tells Janet that if the hate crimes bill is passed it will mean amputee stump fetishists would be able to sexually assault her brother and she tried to stop them she'd be charged with a hate crime!"

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