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Gays Behave Badly At Catholic Protest

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, those red-caped Catholic loons who are on a six state hate tour of the northeast, claim they were assaulted by "pro-homosexual activists" in Rhode Island yesterday. Via Christian Newswire:
Volunteer, Rex Teodosio described the scene: "We were at a busy intersection, getting strong support for traditional marriage. Three women approached us -- one threw mayonnaise, while the other two grappled with our photographer. "Then we were sprayed with mace. Finally, a burly woman got out of a car and punched our photographer in the face. They shouted obscenities the whole time. "It happened suddenly. But we got the license plate number of the second car; someone in the first car had covered its license plate with a shirt. We filed a report with the police."

Pro-homosexual individuals have thrown water bottles, pesticide, rotten eggs and soda at TFP volunteers. But this is the first time the Catholic group was pepper sprayed, punched and sustained head injuries. Police at Warwick station responded promptly and have opened a case. Pictures and video footage of the assault are helping the investigation. "So much for tolerance," said Joseph Ferrara who was hit by the attackers. "Homosexual activists talk about tolerance, but everyone who saw the attack, saw their 'tolerance' in action. For me, these attacks reinforced my resolve to defend traditional family values. It's so important" he added.
A short account of the incident in the Providence Journal tells a slightly different story, making no mention of any punching, but confirming the use of pepper spray and the throwing of food and drink items.
The police are investigating an assault Tuesday on Bald Hill Road. The weapon of choice: soda, salsa, eggs ... "Your basic garden variety of food condiments," Capt. Robert Nelson said Wednesday. It started as the four men stood at the median on Bald Hill Road and East Avenue around 2:40 p.m. protesting against same-sex marriage. The location, Nelson noted, afforded them a roomy median and prime visibility. They caught the attention of a group of women in one of the cars. The women, who apparently objected to their message, flung a soda bottle at the men and vowed to return. And back they were, about 15 minutes later, hurling at the men a mélange of food ingredients and drinks and a full repertoire of profanities, Nelson said. One of the women swashed a protester with pepper spray. No one was hurt and no arrests have been made, Nelson said

This incident is a terrible black eye for our side if true. Can you imagine how nuts we'd all be going if marriage equality activists were pelted with food and pepper sprayed? We'd be screaming "hate crime!" We must never allow our righteous passion to devolve into any kind of physical assault. Ever. You can expect our enemies to make hay over this this incident for a very long time. We can only hope the video isn't too bad.

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