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Peter LaBarbera Suggests Other New Flavors For Ben & Jerry

Porno Peter LaBarbera is outraged, outraged I tells ya, that Ben & Jerry temporarily named a flavor Hubby Hubby in honor of same-sex marriage coming to Vermont.
"Besides the health aspects, there’s also the fact that homosexual behavior is opposed by God, and that’s something that we should take seriously. All homosexual behavior is sinful, and regardless of what liberals say or what Ben & Jerry’s puts on a tub of ice cream, that remains the case. The left is really making a fool of itself when it comes to homosexuality. They talk about transparency, but they don’t want to tell anybody about the health risks of homosexual behavior. They claim to follow God and to be Christian, and yet they celebrate all the things that God opposes … abortion, homosexuality. This is just par for the course."
LaBarbera suggests the following additional flavors for those dirty commie leftist homo-hugging ice cream makers (his own fruity fonts):

Bisexual Butter Pecan
Strawberry for Swingers
Man-Boy Munch ‘n Crunch
Catamite Carmel
Two Moms Macadamia
Rumpy Road
Polyamory Peach

Neapolitan Nancy-Boy
Fabulous Fudge Nut
Transgender Twirl
Berry Berry Promiscuous
Chunky Chickenhawk
Apple Adultery Delight

Here's a few flavors I'd name after Porno Pete:

-Needledick Nutjob
-Closet Case Crunch
-Comb-over Classic
-Waahbulance Whirl

Now you....

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