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WHOOPS: GOP State Assemblyman Michael "Defender Of Marriage" Duvall Brags About Affairs Over Live Microphone

Married California GOP state Assemblyman Michael Duvall, who campaigned in favor of Proposition 8, didn't know his microphone was live when he bragged to a fellow legislator about his affairs with married female lobbyists. Oh, and he's apparently into spanking!
Capitol Blackberries are buzzing after KCAL-TV Los Angeles late Tuesday night aired a videotape of what its reporter said was an Orange County GOP lawmaker talking to a colleague at a committee hearing in explicit detail about recent trysts. Duvall In the KCAL report, Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee Vice Chairman Michael Duvall (R-Yorba Linda) appears not to realize that his microphone is on during a lull in a July committee hearing and talks about his conquest of two women. Reporter Dave Lopez then reports that Duvall says on the tape that the women with whom he has been having sex are lobbyists. The report alleges that one of the lobbyists works for a utility with business before Duvall's committee but does not name her. Later in the report, Duvall is seen ducking Lopez on the Assembly floor and in the hallways outside the chamber as the reporter confronts him with questions about his sexual encounters.
At Box Turtle Bulletin, Jim Burroway says:
Duvall was given a 100% rating by the Capital Resources Institute for “time and time again, [voting] to protect and preserve family values in California.” But now, not only has Duvall admitted to cheating on his wife, the vice-chair of the Utilities and Commerce committee is boasting of sleeping with a lobbyist for Sempra Energy, one of the state’s largest utilities — a clear ethical violation. Who knew “family values” could be so much fun?
Enjoy the video, in which the noble defender of marriage runs from reporters.

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