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Dominionist Lou Engle Coming To Maine

Good As You notes that evangelical freak show Lou Engle, who rabidly rallied his vacant-eyed troops over Prop 8, is coming to Maine. From Engle's site:
In 2007, in California, thousands of believers fasted for a 40-day period and prayed that God would restrain the spiritual powers that are behind the homosexual agenda and the drive to redefine marriage. Three days before the vote on Proposition 8, 30,000 people gathered together in solemn assembly to invoke heaven's assistance in the great heavenly battle as well as to pray for God's power to be released for the freedom and healing of thousands struggling with same-sex attraction who yearn to be transformed by Christ. Proposition 8 was upheld through the incredible mobilization of the state and we believe through divine assistance as well. [snip]

We know this is last minute, and we don’t have the time to make fancy fliers and websites. We also understand that everyone has already made their plans, but we are asking you to join us Friday and Saturday, October 23rd and 24th, to cry out to heaven and release a sound of deliverance for our land and our nation! We are asking you to burn with the urgency of the call and make the necessary sacrifice to join us. We are asking you to spread the word, to begin the fast, and gather with us over this weekend - whatever the cost may be!
Here's the clip Engle terrified his Christianist troops with for Prop 8. It's nightmarish. Engle is a "dominionist" who wants to install a Christian theocracy in the United States.

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