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PhoboQuotable - Matt Barber

"Through these childish and dishonest attempts to discourage people from reading 'The Right Hook,' liberal activists and bloggers obtusely prove one of the book's main points: that socialists, atheists, militant 'gay' activists and other secular leftists can't win the debate on the merits. They desperately resort to Orwellian propagandist tactics in an effort to keep the truth from getting out. This appears to be the left's strategy de jour. We're seeing the same thing with the Obama administration's calculated attacks on 'Fox News.' The result? Americans are too savvy to be fooled. That's why 'Fox News' ratings are going through the roof."- Anti-gay activist Matt Barber, complaining to World Net Daily about "fake reviews" of his book on

RELATED: Peter LaBarbera took his complaints (about my post inviting JMG readers to attend his anti-gay banquet) to to the airwaves on a radio show for Concerned Women for America.
Just as Americans for Truth (AFT), the pro-family group famous for unmasking the homosexual agenda, prepares for its annual banquet this weekend, radical homosexuals have gone on the attack by placing vile and harassing phone calls to AFT's banquet coordinator and posting scorching book reviews on the Web of "Right Hook" the new book by Matt Barber of Liberty Alliance and the AFT banquet's keynote speaker. AFT President Peter LaBarbera has more on this latest example of homosexual "tolerance." Listen | Download

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