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U.S. Census Reaches Out To Philadelphia's Gays For 2010 Count

The U.S. Census Bureau has placed yellow stickers on the current issue of the Philadelphia Gay News in a test run of an ad campaign encouraging LGBT folks to participate. Via Advocate:
The October 9-15 edition of the weekly paper features a yellow sticker advertisement placed prominently on the upper right-hand corner of the page. It reads, "By filling out the census form, more benefits will come to our community. Show your pride this March." Yvette Nunez, a media specialist for the Philadelphia Census Bureau, said that the federally funded ad was placed after meeting with PGN publisher Mark Segal. "The sticker idea came up, and appears to be very effective because it's smacked right on the front page, and readers actually have to move it to read the article beneath it," she told on Tuesday. "We're definitely on board, and what we're also excited about, for the Philadelphia Gay News, was that the ad was placed during Outfest, which is a large event here in the region covered by the paper."
According to a Philly-based representative of the Census Bureau, the city will see similar campaigns targeting other minority communities.

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