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Quote Of The Day - Maggie Gallagher

"What do Olson and Boies think they are doing? Watching accounts of this trial unfold this week I had a big “aha” moment. It’s now clear: Ted and David think they are conducting the Scopes trial! When this trial began I told you: gay marriage activists were putting 7 million Californians on trial. But this week it got worse: They are clearly putting Christianity itself on trial. Why else have an expert read statements of Catholic and Southern Baptist doctrines into the record?

"And why put a Stanford Prof. named Gary Segura on the stand to testify 'religion is the chief obstacle for gays’ and lesbians’ political progress.' Could the zero-sum nature of the game be any clear? Rights for gays and lesbians, in their minds, depends on invalidating the voting rights of religious people when it comes to gay marriage, because their votes are influenced by their religion–i.e. bigotry." - Maggie Gallagher, writing on NOM's blog.

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