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Benny Hinn Fails To Heal His Marriage

Prosperity gospel televangelist and "faith healing" scam artist Benny Hinn was unable to heal the desire of his wife to get the fuck away from him.
The wife of televangelist has filed for divorce from the high-profile pastor, whose reputation as an advocate of prosperity gospel has attracted millions of followers and criticism from lawmakers and watchdog groups over his lavish lifestyle. Suzanne Hinn filed the papers in Orange County Superior Court on Feb. 1, citing irreconcilable differences, after more than 30 years of marriage. The papers note the two separated on Jan. 26 and that Hinn has been living in Dana Point, a wealthy coastal community in southern Orange County. "Pastor Benny Hinn and his immediate family were shocked and saddened to learn of this news without any previous notice," Benny Hinn Ministries said Thursday in a statement. "Although Pastor Hinn has faithfully endeavored to bring healing to their relationship, those efforts failed and were met with the petition for divorce that was filed without notice." Hinn is one of the best known advocates of the prosperity gospel, which teaches that Christians who are right with God will be rewarded with wealth and health in this lifetime.
Hinn is presently under investigation by Congress for violating non-profit rules. He travels in his private zillion dollar jet named "Dove One" and is said to own more than a dozen luxury mansions around the world. And every day in every city, some elderly pensioner eats cat food in order to send Benny Hinn a donation.

VIDEO: Watch Benny Hinn slay thousands in the Holy Spirit. Most of the people on stage are paid accomplices, of course. Others have to pretend that they are really being "slain," less their Jeebus cred be damaged. Glory! Praise His Name! Send more money and buy your way into Heaven!

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