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The Megan Phelps Interview

You've got to click over the AKA William for Andrew Belonsky's lengthy interview with everybody's favorite performance artist, Megan Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. A snippet:
Same-sex marriage is a fait accompli in this nation. I remember taking a government class and they were talking about the full faith and credit clause of the constitution. If all these states have to recognize marriages from other states and you already have Massachusetts, Iowa – they have same-sex marriage. The constitution trumps DOMA, so doesn’t everyone have to recognize those marriages? That’s a fact. Same-sex marriage is fait accompli. It’s going to happen. It’s going to be everywhere and I’m pretty sure that trial in California, I would be willing to bet that they’re going to say that homosexuals have the right to marry and it’s going to spread all across this nation. And I am happy about that.
She's happy because same-sex marriage brings us that much closer to the end of the world. Or something. Read the entire interview.

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