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German Diocese Suspends Pedophile Priest Once Protected By Pope Palpatine

Back when Pope Palpatine was the mere Archbishop of Munich, he transferred a pedophile priest to another assignment, presumably to cover up the crime. In the new location, the pervy priest molested again. Yesterday, he was finally suspended amid charges of the Pope's complicity in the widening German child molestation scandal.
According to the Archdioceses of Munich and Freising, the suspended German priest had been transferred to Munich from another German diocese in 1980. There the priest was to undergo therapy for "sexual relations with boys," the archdiocese said. Despite the knowledge of his background as a pedophile, the priest was sent two years later to work in parish in Grafing. He was suspended in early 1985 following new accusations of sexual abuse, for which he was convicted the following year. The archdiocese said there had been no fresh complaints against the priest since his 1986 conviction, but that "he was forbidden from any work with children and youth." Following his conviction, the priest was sent in 1987 to work in a nursing home, then held administrative jobs until 2008, when he was sent to work primarily with visitors as part of a parish in a Bavarian spa town. The pope served as archbishop of Munich and Freising from 1977 to 1982, before being called to the Vatican. He became the pope in 2005.
In related child-fucking news, Ireland's Cardinal Sean Brady is refusing calls to resign over his nation's massive pedophile priest scandal, saying he'll only do so if the Ill Papa asks him to.

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