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Tiger Text

The latest iPhone app is Tiger Text, a program that automatically deletes text messages from both the sender's and receiver's phones, as long as both parties have the app installed.
The newest Apple iPhone app, pun very much intended, deletes text messages that you may regret ever sending or you may regret anyone else ever seeing. If you happen to be a drunk texter or a cheater you may want to invest in the TigerText app. It's free for the first 100 messages in 15 days and it's only 1.49 per 250 messages sent per month. Once you have it downloaded and sign up for an account, it connects to your phone and you'll be protected right away. Message recipients must also download TigerTest , and then they can read the message for free. You can set a time span for a text, such as delete within two hours after delivery whether it's been read or not, or delete on read. This means that the message will delete itself 60 seconds after the recipient has opened the text. The messages are never saved on your phone, the recipient's phone or your carriers database, they are only saved on the TigerText server, which the vendor reports is purged every sixty seconds. The messages cannot be forwarded or copied. However, if someone truly wanted to see you destroyed badly enough they will always find a way, right?
Of course, the mere presence of the app on your phone might be evidence enough for a snoopy spouse.

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