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Iowa GOP Candidate: Put Microchips In Immigrants Just Like We Do With Dogs

Iowa GOP congressional candidate Dr. Pat Bertroche says the government should put microchips in illegal immigrants. Just like we do with dogs at the pound.
Speaking at a forum Monday in Toledo, 3rd District Republican candidate Pat Bertroche said police should catch illegal immigrants and document their whereabouts. The Cedar Rapids Gazette reported that he added, "I can microchip my dog so I can find it. Why can't I microchip an illegal?" Bertroche — one of seven Republicans seeking the nomination to run against Democrat Leonard Boswell — said in a statement Tuesday that his comment was social commentary on how inane the immigration issue has become. He said using microchips is as radical an idea as suggestions to build a fence across the nation's border with Mexico to stop the flow of illegal immigrants.
The silicon chip inside his head got switched to overload.

(Tipped by JMG reader Craig)

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