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HomoQuotable - Alan Chambers

"Despite the familiar human desire to throw the stone in my hand at Dr. Rekers, I cannot. He is a human who seems to have made a mistake. He is a Christian who seems to be guilty of practicing what he has preached against. It is that fact that alone causes the deepest feelings of anger to arise no matter what side of the debate one falls. Regardless of any sexual impropriety, his actions were not above reproach and that has hurt his excellent reputation.

"This fiasco has also fueled speculation and doubt about the lives of others who have chosen to pursue a life in Christ above their sexuality – people like me, and those I represent at Exodus. And while Dr. Rekers may be guilty of things beyond those he has admitted, he deserves no less grace than I or any in the gay community – those now reveling over what must feel like a victory beyond their wildest dreams to prove that people affected by same-sex attraction cannot and should not do anything but embrace a narrow view of their same-sex attractions, by adopting and celebrating a gay identity." - Exodus International president Alan Chambers, offering to re-de-gay George Rekers, since Rekers' own 35 year history of anti-gay work was clearly didn't reduce his desire to have his anus long-stroked by nude young hotties.

Jo-Vanni, Chambers also wants YOU to call him. SRSLY. Right now. Out rates apply.

(Tipped by JMG reader Ikahana)

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