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Closeted Former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman Buys $4M Loft In NYC Gayborhood

Former Republican National Committee chairman Ken "Closet Case" Mehlman has bought a $4M loft in the heart of Chelsea, where he'll run into fellow tenants Lance Bass and Marc Jacobs in the elevator. Curbed reports:
Mehlman just paid $3.775 million for a 2,200-square-foot 2BR/3BA loft on the 17th floor, and according to the listing (still viewable on the rather spectacular website of broker/designer Fionn Campbell), that's the highest apartment in the building's best line. The apartment was only on the market for a month, and Mehlman paid $100k above the asking price. Aggressive move, but as his old boss would say, he's the decider.
Mehlman resigned as RNC chairman in 2006 one day after Bill Maher outed him on his HBO show. Mehlman claimed the resignation had been coming and was unrelated to Maher's comments.

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