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PFOX Complains: The PTA Won't Let Bigots Like Us Come To Their Convention!

"Ex-gay" group PFOX is stamping their widdle footies because the PTA says they don't allow hate groups to come to their national convention. PFOX says they called and emailed for eight months, requesting a booth at the convention, only to finally be told they don't meet the PTA's standards. Via Christian Newswire:
"Why is it gay groups meet the PTA Diversity and Inclusion Policy but our families do not? 'Diversity' and 'inclusion' should mean exactly that -- diversity and inclusion of everyone," said [PFOX head Regina] Griggs. "Instead, gay groups like PFLAG that deny public access to ex-gays and disrupt church events welcoming former homosexuals are approved by the PTA while ex-gay groups are not," said Griggs. "Now the PTA is pressuring its state PTA chapters nationwide to adopt its biased national diversity policy, which includes 'sexual orientation,' even though that term is selectively used to discriminate against people of faith and ex-gay families." "The PTA has become a left-wing advocacy group instead of serving the needs of all children," said Griggs.
PFOX is asking for concerned Christians to join in an email campaign to the national and local chapters of the PTA demanding that they rescind their sexual orientation non-discrimination policy until it includes the orientation of "ex-gay." Or "totally kidding themselves," as it is more properly known.

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