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Rep. Peter King (R-NY) Introduces Anti-Gaza Relief Resolution

Saying that President Obama is responsible for the deaths incurred during Israel's raid on the Gaza relief flotilla, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has introduced a House resolution requiring the U.S. to side with Israel on the issue.
"I believe that the Obama administration's foreign policy is responsible for what happened with the flotilla," said King, R-Long Island. King said the president's conscious decision to put distance between the United States and Israel has encouraged Israel's enemies. "That type of misguided and double meaning policy has confused our allies. It's emboldened our enemies and emboldened Israel's enemies and this, to me, is unfortunately the logical consequence of President Obama's actions," King said. The congressman is asking his colleagues to support a resolution that would force the U.S. to support Israel's naval blockade of Gaza, refuse to let the U.S. contribute funds to an investigation of the flotilla incident, and demand that the U.S. remove itself from the United Nations Human Rights council.
Today Egypt announced that they were ending their participation in the blockade and opening their borders to Gaza indefinitely.

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