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Why Is Peter LaBarbera So Worried About Spies At His Young Haters Academy?

Earlier this month Porno Pete LaBarbera announced the launch of the Americans For Truth Academy, a three-day seminar in which, for $99, aspiring young homophobes can learn how to more effectively destroy the civil rights of LGBT people. Some of you suggested we send in an undercover observer, an idea also put forth by Friendly Atheist blogger and high school teacher Hemant Mehta, who offered to pay the registration fee if one if his readers wanted to go.

Cue Porno Pete, from a post titled Friendly Atheist Blogger Seeks Students To Spy On AFTAH Academy:
Hemant Mehta, a supposedly “Friendly Atheist” blogger and high school math teacher who not only can’t seem to understand the difference between “hate and bigotry” and disagreeing with homosexuality, but whose lack of judgment (i.e., using the F-word on a blog surely read by many of his students) makes him a poor role model for youth. But the biggest problem for Neuqua Valley students and their parents is Mehta’s vocal atheist activism. Something tells me that numbers and equations aren’t all that Mehta is talking about in his classroom.
LaBarbera goes on to quote a lengthy attack on Mehta from Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute, who says that by offering to pay for someone to attend LaBarbera's Hate Institute, Mehta's "publicly encouraging his students to be deceitful."

You may recall my assessment of his Three Day Hate seminar: "LaBarbera will train young people how to properly hate faggots and dykes and foster violent crimes against them. For a mere $99 donation, you can buy a budding young bigot a Scholarship In Hate™." Porno Pete actually went on the radio with Matt Barber to scream about how offensive that description was.

If we're wrong and LaBarbera is really just teaching Christian love and forgiveness for homosexuals, why in the world would he be so afraid of outside observers? You know the answer.

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