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ARIZONA GOP Candidate Wants To Cut Off Electricity To Undocumented Immigrants

Arizona GOP candidate Barry Wong wants the state to cut off the electricity of anybody not in the country legally.
“We shoulder and we all share the costs,” said Wong, who is running for a seat on the Arizona Corporation Commission. “Granted they pay for it, but as we use more electricity overall then utilities will have to eventually build more power plants.” If undocumented immigrants have their utilities turned off, Wong predicts it would keep costs down for everyone else. "The [state] constitution gives the Corporation Commission specific authority to deal with rate-making which is setting the price that we pay for the electric, natural gas, telephone service, private water companies," Wong said. Wong, whose grandparents immigrated to the United State from China, said his plan would start off by having utility companies verify the immigration status of new customers. He would then focus on finding existing customers in the country illegally.
Arizona temperatures routinely reach the triple-digits and the lack of air conditioning could mean a death sentence for some.

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