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Florida Quislings Get All Quislingy

South Florida's gay GOP club, the Sunshine Republicans, has endorsed Gov. Charlie "Closet Case" Crist for the U.S. Senate. But they are being shady about saying so, according to Shark Tank.
The Sunshine Republicans is a club that branched off from the local Log Cabin Republicans and is headed by Dr. Ben Lewis, Ph.D. The Vice President of the group is Nick Stone, and the Treasurer is Dr. Ronald Bullard, M.D. The group has told me a couple of times that they are not endorsing Governor Crist in the Senate race, yet I had to ask myself- what is the definition of an endorsement? When visiting the clubs website the button ‘our candidates’, the club openly promotes 3 Republican candidates, one being Governor Crist. Couple that with yesterday’s sponsoring of the Crist for Senate grassroots meeting, and the club distributing Charlie Crist bumper stickers at their last meeting, I think the case is clearly made as to who the club is effectively backing in the senate race.
Here's a clip from Sunshine Republicans vice president Nick Stone.

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