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Quote Of The Day II - Randy Thomasson

"It's like an armed robber who breaks into a house at night. The homeowners are gun owners and the husband, with a cocked, laser-beam-sited, large-caliber gun in his hands, has the element of surprise over the dangerous intruder. They fear for their lives. But now, imagine that instead of shooting the bad guy, the homeowner turns on bright lights, and starts lecturing him about how he shouldn't break into houses, how he should get a job instead; bottom line, he refuses to point and shoot to kill, as if words were enough.

"If you were the wife of such a man, you would be both angry and scared out of your wits, completely let down and utterly unprotected from the worst that was yet to come. This paints the picture of what the Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee didn’t do. They didn’t use the power they had to stop their mortal enemy, Elena Kagan." - Save California executive director Randy Thomasson, who says the GOP failed to "shoot to kill" Elena Kagan.

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