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FLASHBACK: Mehlman Campaigns For Anti-Gay 2006 GOP Rep. Mark Kennedy

"If you believe as I do that we ought to not base the laws of America over the laws of foreign countries, if you believe as I do that we need to have "Under God" in the Pledge, if you believe as I do that we need judges who understand their job is to interpret the law and protect the Constitution, not rewrite it, then it's critically important that we reelect Mark Kennedy." - Ken Mehlman, speaking in 2006 in support of Rep. Mark Kennedy (R-MN), who twice voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment. At the time of the above remarks, Mehlman was already known to be a gay man by many in his circle, despite today's claim of a sudden and very recent epiphany.

RELATED: Note the warm welcome Mehlman gets from Rep. Michele "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann at the beginning of the clip.

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