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HomoQuotable - Tammy Bruce

"Hate crime legislation accomplishes only one thing — the notion that some people in this country are more important than others. Last time I checked all the civil rights movements were based in the rejection of this notion. Yet here we are, in the warm seats of power, and now a 'legislative priority' is to make sure crimes committed against us are a more serious offense and punished more aggressively. I find it an obscene reversal of what so many fought for throughout the 20th century — to establish a group of people as deserving of special treatment because of either their complexion or sexual orientation. People have died in this county to end those sorts of policies. For us to embrace them is beyond shameful." - Homocon asshat Tammy Bruce, speaking to the Washington Blade's house Quisling, Jessica Lee. Bruce adds that men who target lesbians for corrective rape should be treated no differently than other rapists.

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