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Will Sharron Angle Return Her Dirty Money From Gay-Friendly Companies?

Days after Sharron Angle declared that she would not accept donations from companies that support LGBT rights, the Daily Beast's Steve Friess wonders what Angle will do about the filthy gay-friendly money she's already received.
The Tea Party favorite, facing off against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, checked “yes” on a questionnaire from the Government is NOT God PAC on a question asking: “Intel Corporation supports ‘equal rights for gays’ and offers benefits to ‘partners’ of homosexual employees. Would you refuse funds from this corporate PAC?” Las Vegas Sun columnist Jon Ralston, who first noticed and reported the response after it was overlooked in an Associated Press exclusive on the questionnaire itself, also noted on Friday that Angle had already received $5,000 from the Senate Majority Fund PAC that included funds from Intel. In addition to that, however, Angle has accepted $5,000 from the Alamo PAC, Bluegrass Committee, Free & Strong America PAC, Rock City PAC, Tenn PAC and Senate Victory Fund PAC as well as $2,000 from the Hawkeye PAC. All of these, according to the Federal Election Commission’s website, received money from companies that include 3M, Abbott Laboratories, Amazon.Com, UPS and others. Some companies that gave to those PACs, such as Anheuser Busch and Pepsico, have created gay-specific advertising that has been placed in gay-targeted media as well.
According to Friess, Angle has taken at least $37,000 from gay-friendly companies and PACs. Angle's spokeman refused to answer a question about the issue.

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