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American Family Association Rejoices Over Ann Coulter's Homocon 2010 Speech

"Ann took them straight on and gave them some straight talk I doubt they were ready for. There is no amount of sugar that will help this medicine go down. According to the leftwing website, she complimented the Christian audiences before whom she speaks by telling these homosexuals that the people who get her 'gay jokes are gays.' Christians get them, she hinted, but 'out of sweetness they don’t laugh at the gay jokes.' Alas, she was suggesting, if only Christians were as mean-spirited as everyone says they are! I have to leave my gay jokes in the green room because those Christians are just too darned civil and courteous and kind!

"Then she let the air out of the tires on the tired argument that homosexual marriage is the civil rights issue of our day. Reminding them that blackness is an innate characteristic but sexual behavior is a choice, same-sex marriage, she said pointedly, 'is not a civil right -- you’re not black.' As Gen. Colin Powell himself said, the comparison between homosexual behavior and race is 'convenient but invalid.' People are born black, but they are not born gay. And many people who enter the homosexual lifestyle later leave it. So there are plenty of ex-gays, but you will never meet an ex-black.

"So Christians are too tolerant to make fun of gays, homosexuals have no civil right to marry, and homosexuals can’t claim oppressed minority status. This from the keynote speaker at HomoCon, who got at least five figures to get right in the grill of her hosts. Anybody at HomoCon want their money back?" - American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer, who says he now takes back all the rotten things he said about Ann Coulter when he first learned about her Homocon appearance.

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