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CALIFORNIA: Anti-Gay Bigot Karen England Running For Lt. Governor

Capitol Resource Institute president Karen England is SO pissed at Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, she is running for his job. Last week Maldonado blew off England's demand that he file an appeal of Prop 8 while the Governator was out of the country.
England, a board member of the conservative California Republican Assembly, argues Maldonado doesn't offer a strong enough conservative contrast to the Democratic nominee, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. "Having a hard time seeing any difference between the candidatse for Lt. Governor? Now we have a conservative choice," reads the opening page of England's campaign website. She wrote in a column posted last night on the conservative website that she decided to jump in the race after Maldonado declined to defy Gov. Arnold Schwarzengger and appeal the recent Propostiion 8 ruling during his six-day stint as acting governor. "To some this may seem extreme or be dismissed as a publicity stunt. It is neither. It is the proper response when we find the two front runners for the office of Lieutenant Governor do not share our principles, our values or our respect for the legal system," England wrote.
England's campaign site presently shows zero endorsements.

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