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Karen England Is EVER So Pissed

Professional anti-gay activist Karen England is EVER so pissed at California Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, who blew off her group's demand that he rush out an appeal to Prop 8 while the Governator is out of the country. England rides the waambulance in this Christian Newswire press release she just fired out:
When the Governor left the State late last week, the right and responsibility to file the appeal before Monday's deadline went to the acting governor, Mr. Maldonado. As a supporter of Proposition 8, conservative leaders requested that he file the paperwork. Former dean of Chapman Law School, John Eastman even drafted the necessary paperwork and volunteered to make the filing on Maldonado's behalf. But Maldonado did not even bother to respond. When a representative of Capitol Resource Institute contacted Maldonado's campaign manager a half hour before the deadline to file, the aide complained that phone calls had tied up the phones all day at the capitol and their campaign office, but he did not know what the Lt. Governor was going to do. He promised to call back, but the call never came. "Maldonado did not file the appeal" said Karen England, Executive Director of Capitol Resource Institute. "And the acting governor added to this negligence an arrogance and aloofness that suggested he was more concerned that we busied his phones than anything else."
Bwah bwa bwaaaa.

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