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MINNESOTA: Anti-Gay Group Fights Bullying Efforts After Teen Suicides

After the suicides of three gay teens in just one year, a Minnesota school district has rebuffed offers from LGBT groups to help with anti-bullying education, citing a 2009 edict that "sexual orientation is not to be taught in the district." This, despite charges that one of the teens killed himself last year after being harassed by two of his own teachers. As LGBT groups continue to push for anti-bullying programs, a group of Christian parents has naturally formed an opposition organization.
In July, a shadow group of parents formed in the district with the intention on staving off any advances for LGBT students. The Parents Action League launched its website in June along with a petition that reads, “Whereas homosexual behavior exposes participants to many life-threatening health risks; and whereas the classroom environment needs to be solely focused on academics; Therefore, we the undersigned citizens of Anoka-Hennepin School District No. 11 do whole heartedly support and desire that the School Board adhere to … the AH District 11 Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy.” When the Minnesota Independent asked who founded the group and if it had any connections to other “pro-family” groups in the state, an unsigned email came back: “We think our website explains very well what we’re about and who founded it – citizens in the Anoka Hennepin School District.” When questioned about ways to get more information about the group’s activities, the Independent was told via email, “We do not see your name on our on-line petition. Once you sign the petition, we may be contacting you” [emphasis theirs].
Currently the website for the Parents Action League bears only this message: "We have never been inundated with so much hate and disdain for a differing viewpoint than that of the pro-gay movement. Our group has NEVER written anything hateful on our site or to any member of the GET group with whom we strongly disagree. Apparently, tolerance, kindness and decency are only to be extended to the pro-gay viewpoint - talk about your bullying!"

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