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American Family Association Endorses DeMint's Call For Banning Gay Teachers

"Common sense and clear thinking dictates that if we love America’s teenagers, we will resolve to put healthy, mature role models in front of them right at the time when they are making sexual decisions of enormous and lasting impact. I’m happy to openly, publicly and unreservedly declare that Sen. DeMint is right. We should see to it that our teachers provide the kind of examples for our youth that are worthy of imitation in every way, including sexual expression. If we love America’s students, and love America and want only the best for her, we can do no less." - American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer, quoted by Right Wing Watch who notes that DeMint is a frequent guest on Fischer's show.

RELATED: The Quislings at GOProud have finally found a GOP position they can't support, but they still manage to twist DeMint's hatred into an opportunity for them to endorse the Tea Party.
"It is clear that the socially conservative big government wing of the Republican Party is desperate to undermine and co-op the message and enthusiasm of the tea party movement. After a year and a half of attacking the tea party movement for not being focused on their pet issues, it is clear that Tony Perkins and his crowd have embraced a new strategy – if you can’t beat’em, join’em. The tea party movement is about limiting the size and scope of the government and empowering indiviudals. The grassroots tea party activists should reject attempts by Washington Republicans like Jim DeMint to corrupt the movement’s conservative message."

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