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NYC: Trial Begins In Craigslist Murder Of Gay ABC Newsman George Weber

Last year 16 year-old John Katehis brutally stabbed to death gay ABC newsman George Weber after the pair hooked up via a Craiglist hooker ad. Weber allegedly hired the teen to "smother" him in an S/M scene. After his arrest, the killer claimed that he had stabbed Weber over 50 times in self-defense. Katehis' trial began in New York City this week where his lawyers painted the victim as a sexual predator. Duncan Osborne reports at Gay City News:
By inviting the 16-year-old Katehis to his home for a sexual act, Weber “was trying to do something that was 1,000 percent wrong, immoral, and illegal,” said Jeffery T. Schwartz, Katehis’ attorney, in his opening statement. The age of consent in New York is 17. “Although he can be tried as an adult, under no circumstances can he consent to a sexual act,” Schwartz said. “He cannot consent to sex, any type of sexual act, with an adult male.” In the defense telling of this incident, Katehis was an innocent who was plied with alcohol and “what John believed was cocaine,” before being asked to engage in a behavior that made him uncomfortable. After having his feet bound, the older man “pointed” a knife at Katehis and the younger man panicked. The wound that cut Weber’s jugular vein was inflicted as the two men fought over the knife. Katehis received a deep wound to his hand that was bleeding profusely during that fight. “The bottom line is a knife was introduced not by John Katehis, but by George Weber,” Schwartz said.
Shortly after Weber's body was discovered, internet sleuths found Katehis' MySpace profile in which he posed with his collection of swords and knives and boasted:
I like to do crazy and wild like an adrenaline junkie, I'm always looking for a big thrill, I'm a big risk taker and like to live life on the edge. I am an Extremist, an Anarchist, and a Sadomasochist. As long as you show respect for me i will show respect for you, if you disrespect me, then i will fucking break your neck.
The subject line in Katehis' original Craigslist ad read: "I blow for cash M4M." After Katahis' arrest, anti-gay and right-wing blogs lit up with claims that "Weber got what he deserved." The now 18 year-old Katehis is being tried as an adult. Read Duncan Osborne's full report from the trial.

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