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American Family Association And Liberty Counsel Object To Hospital Rights For Gays

"Certainly there are Catholic hospitals and Baptist hospitals that recognize homosexual behavior as sinful behavior and they do not want to take part in affirming homosexual sin under the strong arm of the government." - Liberty Counsel spokesbigot Matt Barber, objecting to new federal rules which stipulate that any hospital that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding must allow LGBT patients to be visited by their partners. The rule goes into effect in 60 days. The American Family Association calls the rule "special visitation rights" under the headline "Fed To Hospitals: Go Gay Or Go Broke."

As unbelievably cruel as it may sound, God's Gentle Loving Peopleā„¢ are actually publicly saying that gay people should die alone without their loved ones by their sides. I can't think of a single thing more vile or detestable. Or one that more perfectly encapsulates the vicious nature of American Christianism.

UPDATE: The American Family Association has added the below poll to the above-linked story.

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