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Family Research Council Requests Prayers For Sen. Jim DeMint's Anti-Gay Campaigns

Saying that Tea Party hero Sen. Jim DeMint is facing attacks from within the GOP because his support for anti-gay teabaggers cost them their Senate majority, the Family Research Council is asking for one million of their followers to pledge to pray for the asshat bigot every day.
After what should have been a proud moment for all Republicans on Tuesday night, the GOP is angry about "what ifs"--particularly if it had won seats in Colorado, Delaware, and Washington--defeats they blame almost unanimously on Jim DeMint. Apparently, fighting to bring true conservative candidates into the Senate instead of weak-kneed moderates who oppose the Republican platform makes Sen. DeMint a villain. One of his colleagues said, "It's like you're on the five-yard line ready to score, and the quarterback calls the play, and some member of your team tackles one of your members and keeps you from scoring." The only problem is that the "quarterback" is the old guard of the Republican Party. The same folks who backed big spending, pro-abortion, pro-gay GOP lap-dog incumbents.
At this writing, almost 13,000 FRC followers have signed the prayer pledge.

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