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Focus On The Family Takes Over "Day Of Truth" Campaign Against LGBT Youth

Last month the "ex-gay" group Exodus International announced that they were suspending their annual "Day Of Truth" campaign to counter the Day Of Silence, saying that in light of the rash of LGBT youth suicides they could not continue such a divisive project. Focus On The Family has jumped in to fill the hate void, laughably and unironically renaming it the "Day Of Dialogue."
"We're trying to raise awareness that more than one side needs to be heard on the issue of homosexuality, and we're helping to ensure Christian students have the chance to express their viewpoint," said Candi Cushman, a Focus on the Family education analyst, in the release. "What is freedom of speech, after all, but a guarantee of the right to have dialogue?" Cushman criticized the Day of Silence, which is sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. "Silence is a media op, but dialogue is a learning op," she said in the release. "That's why we're so proud of the more than 14,000 students who have taken advantage of this opportunity to learn and share." The Day of Truth had traditionally been held on the same day as the Day of Silence, but Focus on the Family said that the 2011 Day of Dialogue is scheduled for April 18, three days after the Day of Silence.
Good As You's Jeremy Hooper rips apart Cushman's lies about Focus On The Family's supposed wish for "dialogue"
But here's the thing: Just yesterday -- JUST. YESTERDAY! -- we saw FoTF's schools official, Candi Cushman, pushing an article that called on Christian students to see their gay classmates as "messed up sexually." As embracing "sexual brokenness." As in need of "change." There is no room for dialogue there! At the end of the day, Focus on the Family is still pushing anti-scientific "ex-gay" rhetoric that wishes to put wholly unbacked, entirely faith-based teachings on the same level as credible, peer-reviewed information. In America's PUBLIC SCHOOLS, they wish to do this.

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