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Gay-Themed Coffins On Sale On Germany

And here you thought that rainbow Xmas tree was the most horrible thing you'd see today.
Funeral directors in Germany are bidding for the pink pound - by launching coffins specially designed for gay customers. The caskets feature homoerotic artwork on the outside and come with a series of tastefully luxurious plush designer interiors, say makers Mike Konigsfeld and Tom Brandl in Cologne, Germany. The designers - who have lived together for more than 10 years - say the images of muscular young men in classical poses are the perfect way to send off a loved one. "Naturally there were some people who threw their hands up in horror when we had them on display in the window but they are tasteful and beautiful - like our customers," explained Mike.
Aaand cue the Freepers.

-"Discount for friends of the deceased who were infected by him with AIDS?"
-"I think the high-end one comes with an eternal flaming."
-"That will give archaeologists something to chuckle over in 1,000 years. ‘Don’t open that one George, no telling what they died of."
-"Most gay men only live to about age 40 or so. This article is telling us that gay men are not living long and that 'gay coffins' are in big demand. This is not good news for the gay community. This means their deathstyle is bringing their numbers lower. They are planning their funeral, when just a year ago they were planning their 'gay wedding'."

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