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World Bank Donates To "Ex-Gays" At PFOX

World Bank, whose stated mission is ending poverty through loans to developing countries, has listed the "ex-gay" group PFOX as a suggested group for charity giving by its employees. World Bank matches employee donations at rates from 50-100% and places PFOX directly above PFLAG on its list of endorsed charities. Chris Geidner reports at Metro Weekly:
PFOX supports so-called ''conversion'' therapy – by which people who identify as gay attempt to become ex-gay – and the National Association for Reparative Therapy (NARTH), specifically. One of the few videos on the PFOX YouTube channel is a video of an interview with former NARTH president Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. Another shows a televised debate between PFOX's Peter Sprigg and Truth Wins Out executive director Wayne Besen, who has been writing about the ex-gay organizations for more than a decade. Besen told Metro Weekly on Wednesday afternoon, "It's as sickening as it is scandalous." Besen said that the former president of PFOX, Richard Cohen – who Besen described as "the guru of the organization to this day" – runs the International Healing Foundation and "sent his protégé to Uganda – and what came from that was the Anti-Homosexuality Bill" that has been the subject of intense worldwide scrutiny and criticism. "Here's this group that is tied to what can only be described as an eliminationist campaign, worldwide, against gay people," Besen said, "and they're receiving money from the World Bank?"
The self-haters at PFOX will now be able to tout their relationship with World Bank as they attempt to legitimize their campaign against their own people. Unbelievable. Read Chris Geidner's complete expose on this travesty.

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