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PhoboQuotable - Andrew Breitbart

"I am not endorsing gay marriage, I'm not endorsing Don't Ask, Don't Tell. I will be the harshest critic of the activist gay left, who I fear more than al-Qaida. But for these people not to exist in a two-party system, for you to tell them they're not welcome in the big tent, I have a huge problem with that and I'm going to indulge in my all '80s Depeche Mode, Cure, New Order fetish and we're going to have a big 'ol gay party at CPAC." - Wingnut commentator Andrew Breitbart, announcing that he has joined GOProud's board of directors.

That's right, folks, GOProud has hired a guy who says that gay activists are worse than the terrorists who brought down the World Trade Center. You can't make it up. Soon to join GOProud: Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins, Peter LaBarbera.

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